Message from the Headmistress

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin

Education is a never ending process. It makes an individual intellectually enlightened, vocationally self-sufficient, socially efficient, morally strong, culturally polished and spiritually developed.

It is always our earnest endeavor to provide our students with sufficient fields & facilities, thoughts and activities, environment & opportunities, inspiration & guidance for a steady all-encompassing growth: physical, intellectual, spiritual & aesthetic. We delight in seeing our students blossoming into enlightened citizens fully alive to their responsibilities towards parents, society & motherland.

The Navy Children School, Karwar, takes pride in successfully completing the academic year, 2020-2021. Online learning was the new normal for students, teachers and parents alike. Initially there were challenges galore, however the art of ‘Virtual Reality’, was gradually mastered after the trials and tribulations. Our students of Class X took their maiden board exams last year and faired up reasonably well. The school is now progressing its up gradation to senior secondary level. Timely completion of CBSE formalities and associated infrastructure shall be of utmost priority.

The absence of students at School and the mandatory routine functions gave us the time and spare funds to focus on the School’s infrastructural development. We shall constantly endeavour to pursue higher academic excellence and value based education. With the continuous guidance and support from the management, dedication of our teachers and cooperation of the parents, we are working hard to achieve a very high standard.

Since the cause of education can be best served as a proficient team; dedicated efforts of all stakeholders including parents are required to attain the intended goal. We are grateful to parents for their active cooperation and goodwill to realise the goal. All valuable and constructive suggestions have been given due consideration. May our efforts to accomplish this task be fruitful.

Jai Hind

- Dr. Anjali Singh