About Navy Children School



Navy Children School KARWAR,aims to be an institution where Children enjoy Learning , discovering and nurturing their passion. We aim to develop a society which is intelligent, compassionate and competent.We will continue to encourage an effective and strong relationship with the parents and the local community.

The School campus is well equipped with modern computing facilities for students and teachers. Its information technology based learning solutions, multimedia experience, e-resources and high speed internet connectivity over 10mbps are useful instruments for enlarging students overall knowledge and perspectives.

Our Smart classes use all interactive modules like videos and presentations. The SMART CLASS offers students a unique educational experience and is undoubtedly a resourceful technological tool to complement the teaching learning process.

The spacious school library is stocked with periodicals, newspapers and an impressive index of titles, covering both fiction and non-fiction. These have been selected for the informative and educational value, catering to all age groups. Children are encouraged to make full use of these facilities in order to foster a healthy reading habit and satiate the inquisitive mind.

The school possesses a specialized creative Art Room where students are encouraged to explore their creative talents and showcase their creative expressions.

The well-equipped music room provides a variety of instruments including guitars, keyboards and drum sets for students inclined to music.

Lab activities encourage scientific thinking and promotes better understanding of concepts. The school has a well- equipped Science Lab where students get a first hand learning experience by performing various experiments and activities. The Math Lab in the school is well stocked with various materials such as Geometric sketchpad, multimedia content, manipulatives, charts and instruments to help students discover, learn and develop an interest for Mathematics